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What is After X-TT?

The After X-TT Project is being launched for the maintenance of "xtt" font backend module in the XFree86's tree. The "xtt" module is designed with Japanese and other ideographics like Chinese and Korean scripts in mind. It is an indispensable module especially in CJK.

The X-TrueType project which first developed "xtt" has already stopped its activity, but some serious bugs were left. Although XFree86-4.3.0 already includes important fixes provided by the After X-TT project, there still are remaining problems which should be dealt with.

This project sets stabilization of "xtt" as its main objective, but also attempts to provide a more practical "xtt" module in CJK.


Farewell announcement of X-TT 1.x

[14 Apr. 2004]

Since optimization of libfreetype-xtt2 reached a goal, we will not release new version of X-TT 1.x in the future. The X-TT 1.x will be soon deleted from XFree86 and Xorg.
Some parts of code of X-TT 1.x are working in xtt2, so we were easily able to implement TTCap etc... We thank the X-TrueType Project and its people again. We thank X-TT, and Good bye!

libfreetype-xtt2 version 1.2a released

[14 Apr. 2004]

On March 31th 2004, the After X-TT Project released libfreetype-xtt2 version 1.2. The xtt2 version 1.2 accelerates loading speed of TrueType/OpenType embedded bitmaps.
Although this version includes the change of freetype2 library, it is merged in freetype-2.1.8. We here provide the xtt2 version 1.2a patch for XFree86-4.4.0 and Xorg-6.7.0. Note that the performance of FreeType(xtt2) backend in Xorg-6.7.0 has deteriorated due to minor change. If you use Xorg-6.7.0, please update xtt2 to version 1.2a.

If you don't build freetype2 library simultaneously with XFree86/Xorg (if you define HasFreeType2 in config/cf/, you must apply follwing patch to freetype2 library.

libfreetype-xtt2 in XFree86-4.4 RC2

[5 Feb. 2003]

Although the XFree86 4.4 RC2 includes libfreetype-xtt2 version 1.1b, it has a serious problem. If you try to use, please apply the patch(xtt2_1.1b_to_1.1d.patch) for bug fixes.
The libfreetype-xtt2 is reworked FreeType(xfsft) backend which provides almost perfect TTCap options ("fn","ai","ds","fs","vl","cr","bw","eb","hi","fc" and "fm") and various bug fixes in original FreeType backend. You can read the details in the documentation page.

X-TT 1.4.2 released

[18 Oct 2003]

On July 18nd 2003, the After X-TT Project released X-TT 1.4.2. See the documentation included in tar ball and documentation page for detail.

Get the fixes for 4.2.x(applied in 4.3.0).

[27 February 2003]

This patch can be applied for 4.2.0 or 4.2.1 and contains *very* important fixes. Almost all of these fixes are related to crashing of X. You can also confirm them on the cvs web of XFree86. See Revision 1.14,1.15,1.16 and 1.17 of xttfuncs.c and Revision 1.11 of xttcconv.c.
Binary module(libxtt.a) for XF86-4.2.0 or 4.2.1 is also available : Linux/i386 , Linux/PPC , FreeBSD5.0/i386.

Last Modified: 14 Apr. 2004